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July 17, 2007

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- An all-night Republican Filbuster to “Give War a Chance”
- Bush’s adamant opposition to giving poor children health care
- Media fawning over lazy empty-suit Senator but “manly” actor Fred Thompson
- A Constitutional Crisis caused by Bush’s refusal to allow Administration officials to testify before Congress
- A Right-Wing Hypocritical Judicial Activist Court

All in all, a typical week in Washington…


Speed Trap

July 16, 2007

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Should state and local governments raise money by heavily taxing speeders with fees, in addition to fines? Mark, who concedes he is a traffic scofflaw (“they’re the only laws I break!), opposes the idea.

Introducing guest, George Burke, Chair of the 11th Congressional District Democratic Committee in Virginia, who tomorrow will begin an “Inside Scoop – Virginia” television show spinning off of Mark’s show on Channel 10.

In Virginia, you can get a $3550 speeding ticket for going 15 MPH over the speed limit. And these laws are not just in Virginia: they exist across the nation.

Petition to Repeal Speed Trap Law


Republican Hypocrisy, Election 2008, and Dirty Politics

July 11, 2007
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Mark takes on the newest discovery of the Attorney General lying to Congress (this time about the PATRIOT Act) and the hypocrisy of “abstinence only, no marriage for gay people” Senator David Vitter’s trysts with prostitutes (Republican family values!);

Then Mark interviews Presidential Candidate Mike Gravel;

Vice-Chairman of the Democratic Party Susie Turnbull on our crazy primary system;

and former Maryland Gubernatorial candidate Kathleen Kennedy Townsend on why she thinks it’s wrong to hate politics.


Behind the Scenes of the Iraq War

July 10, 2007

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Mark interviews: David Corn, Washington Editor of the Nation Magazine and co-author of Hubris: The Inside Story of Spin, Scandal, and the Selling of the Iraq War;

Larry Korb of the Center for American Progress, an Assistant Secretary of Defense in the Reagan Administration;

and Medea Benjamin, co-founder of the feminist, anti-war group Code Pink.


Radical Islamic Fundamentalism

July 9, 2007

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Mark debates Republican strategist Mike Lane on the sources of radical Islamic fundamentalism and how we may diminish the propensity by some of them to commit brutal terrorist acts in Iraq, in England, In America, and around the world.

ALSO the up-coming Constitutional crisis as Congress prepares to hold the President in criminal contempt for his unprecedented refusal to obey legal subpoenas directed at his Administration’s illegal firings of United States prosecutors

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