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President Obama

October 30, 2008

I have seen the future.

And it can happen five days from now.

With your help.

I Got “Push-Polled”

October 30, 2008
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At dinnertime, I received a robo-call.

I thought the robocall said it was from SurveyUSA, a respectable polling organization.
They asked me if I was a registered voter.
They asked me if I was going to vote for McCain.
They asked me if I was going to vote for Obama.
They asked me if I wanted my taxes cut.
They asked me if my opinion about Obama would change if I knew he would raise my taxes.

They then launched into telling me something about Obama and taxes that was strange and long and detailed and obviously false and made me realize this was definitely a “push poll” and possibly not SurveyUSA.
They asked me if I was pro-life.

They asked me again if knowing what they told me to be true, would I change my vote for Obama?

The call ended with words said rushed and low, that the survey was paid for by “Americans United to Preserve Marriage 703-861-7042″

On my caller ID, it said: AIC2008Res 703-263-0619
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Dirty Tricks

October 29, 2008
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If a clerk in the voting registar’s office mistypes one of your social security numbers or drivers’ license numbers, you could lose your right to vote!

In Colorado, the Republican Secretary of State is throwing people off the voting rolls for this without warning.
In Florida, the Republican Secretary of State is doing the same. The Florida Legislature has declared “no match, no vote” so even if you did everything right and THEY made the mistake, you STILL will lose your right to vote unless you vote provisionally and then, within 48 hours, come back to verify your identity.
In Ohio, Republicans are demanding that 200,000 Ohioans have their vote challenged if, for example, their social security card says “William” but their voting card says “Bill.” Or if your driver’s license says you live on “1st Street” while your voting card says you live on “First Street.”
In Virginia, areas with large minority populations and college towns have fewer voting machines per registered voter than white, rural areas and the Republican Secretary of State has declared it illegal for county voting officials in these areas to purchase or lease voting machines to take care of the discrepancy.
In Florida, the Republican Legislature has sharply restricted the availability and hours of early polling locations.

The list goes on and on. Republicans will do anything to keep you from voting, even though they can never point to a case of actual, in-person voter fraud. (What American would risk five years in jail to add one vote to his/her candidate?)

But there is good news too. People are fighting back. read more

Maverick v. Maverick: the Angry Clash between Palin and McCain

October 28, 2008

There’s an angry clash going on between McCain and Palin, who wants to run for President in 2012.
The clash is a dirty little secret, but I have the Inside Scoop.

Sadly, much of the Republican Party has become the Party of Fear, Ignorance and Hate.

I suspect that’s why so many respectable Republicans are leaving the sinking McCain ship, including, incredibly, even conservative donors to the McCain campaign, and Colin Powell, Chris Buckley (son of William F. Buckley), Reagan Solicitor General Charles Fried, and former South Dakota Senator Larry Pressler.

There is certrainly a place for a thoughtful Republican Party in America. Perhaps after a great loss, the party will regroup and find its soul outside its current tropes of fear, ignorance, and hate. There’s a great article about that here:

If not, as a Democrat, I have to say: GO PALIN IN 2012!

McCain’s Doing Better at the Polls
What Are YOU Doing to Help Obama?

October 28, 2008

The race has tightened. An eight-point race has become a five-six point one.

Does that mean I think Obama will lose? Not at all.

But it does mean we should FEAR complacency. It’s our biggest enemy.

Now get out there and canvass for Obama and the Democrats!

And if anyone complains about “spreading the wealth,” first ask them if they’re making $250,000 or more. If they are, remind them that even McCain supports a progressive income tax which has been around since 1913, and that Obama would do nothing more than return them to (somewhat less than) the tax rates in the strong economy of the Clinton years, when the rich got substantially richer. Tell them our deficit is huge, and since they wanted the war in Iraq (as almost everyone who complains about Obama did), they should have to pay for it. Nothing in life is free.

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