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Mark on Air America: Whose Suffering Moves you Most?

October 29, 2009

Whose suffering moves you most?

Animals? (Are you a vegetarian?)
Your family’s?
People in your neighborhood, city, or nation?
People with inadequate health care?
People suffering genocide?
People who don’t deserve suffering?
The homeless?
People of your race, religion, or ethnicity?


Mark on Air America

October 28, 2009
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Discussing FOX News


Swine Flu and Afghanistan

October 27, 2009

Dialogue: Swine Flu, Afghanistan, and the last fund drive for WPFW


Real-Life Health Insurance Horror Stories

October 19, 2009

Guest: Joel Segal

Halloween is around the corner.

And these tales of blood, guts, and horror on the television show tonight are sure you to raise the hair on your neck and give you chills and goose bumps.

They are not ghost stories. But real-life horror from those with private health insurance. Share your own stories in comments below.

We need a public option NOW.


Why March? — Four Civil Rights Bills

October 14, 2009

Mark is on the Leslie Marshall show today talking about the Gay Rights March and Congressman Barney Frank’s comment that “the only thing the marchers are putting pressure on is the grass.”

We march to approve four laws:  to work, to marry, to serve our country, and to be free from violence.  These are conservative, mainstream American values…if conservatives only weren’t too bigoted to see that.

PHOTO: A rainbow flag in front of a real, unfinished rainbow glimmering at the National Equality March.
Could nature have provided a better symbol of our fervent but still unrealized hopes and dreams?

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