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The Supreme Court & the Misery of West Virginia Coal Mining

April 12, 2010

Mark Hosts the Leslie Marshall Show

First two hours:  The Supreme Court — Justice Stevens’ Retirement, how it will change, and Mark’s personal showdown with Justice Scalia

Last hour:  Guest Bob Kincaid details the horrors of coal mining, as it’s practiced today in West Virginia

Jail the Coal Company Execs!

April 7, 2010

Mark is on the Leslie Marshall Show today. Here’s his thoughts on the coal-mining “accident”:

“When a drunk driver kills someone, we put the driver in jail. But when a coal company intentionally violates safety regulations and kills twenty-five miners, we slap them on the wrist. It’s time to put Massey’s entire corporate board in jail. Do it just once and you know what? I doubt we’ll see many ‘coal murders’ in the future. I realize the twenty-five people were poor miners — mere human beings and therefore far lesser citizens than mulitnational corporations, the ‘persons’ that Republicans fetishize as ‘We the People.’ But, and call me crazy here, I think a human life is valuable, even if it’s neither corporation nor fetus. And until we punish corporate murder by jailing those that commit it — the people hiding behind the corporate shield — we can expect these corporate crime waves to continue to mow down innocent lives.”

The Pope’s Personal Responsibility for Church Child Abuse

April 5, 2010
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Mark is a guest on the Leslie Marshall Show tonight.

The Confederate Virginia Governor and Tiger Woods

April 5, 2010
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Mark’s on the Leslie Marshall Show.

In the first hour, they discuss the strange proclamation of Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell honoring Confederate History Month that didn’t happen to mention slavery (as past Republican Governors had done). According to McDonnell, slavery wasn’t “significant” enough to be included in Confederate History.

Then in the second hour, they discuss Tiger Woods (Leslie’s choice of topic). Mark apologizes in advance for this and advises those interested in policy and politics to just skip the second hour.

Who are Today’s Progressive Leaders?

April 3, 2010

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